ISO 20000 IT Service Management

What is ISO 20000?

Establishing optimal IT service management in organisations, which can enhance profit as well as efficiency, doesn’t happen by accident. Today’s most successful organisations recognise the importance of having a proven service management system in place.

ICO/IEC 20000 is the standard that enables companies who manage their IT services, whether internally or outsource to external providers, to align their IT service management processes. Having a Service Management System will also bring your ITIL up to standard so your IT services deliver as expected.

Providing a framework for controlling and improving IT service management, ISO 20000 ensures consistency and efficiency for your IT services.

Benefits to your organisation:-

  • Improved operating efficiency, resulting in fewer mistakes
  • Simplified and effective documentation
  • Performance improvement and an increase in bottom line profit
  • Integrate people, processes and technology to support business objectives
  • Improved competitiveness, thus improved sales and marketing opportunities
  • Put in place controls to measure and maintain consistent levels of IT service
  • The acquisition of a symbol representing an international quality standard (ISO 20000)

Further resources:-

If you would like more information, we have a webinar available HERE.

We also have a Podcast exploring how to build assurance into IT services available on iTunes or Souncloud. 

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