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Blackmores are a pioneering ISO Standards consultancy. Helping you with all your Quality, Risk and Environmental Management needs.

ISO Consultants based near London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, supporting national and international clients with their ISO Management Systems.

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Our 7 Steps to Success

The Blackmores ISO Roadmap is a proven path to go from idea to launching your ISO Management System.

Whether you choose to work with one of our isologist consultants or work your own way through the process on our isology Hub, we’re certain you’ll achieve certification in no time!

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Helping you to grow your business

The majority of organisations who want to strengthen, expand, grow and develop their business will need to accomplish so by attracting new clients and fostering existing ones. Your business strategy should include a key component on how to win bids, and putting in place a bespoke ISO Management System is a terrific method to boost your chances.

How can ISO Certification help win more Tenders?

Since suppliers can be efficiently measured and evaluated to verify compliance, ISO standards exist to ensure that safety, quality, and efficiency are maintained to the requirements of the industry. In a variety of industries, ISO certification is now a very common demand during the PQQ (Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire) stage of the tendering process.

It can be challenging to successfully structure, format, and communicate in your tendering application document how your company controls its health and safety, provides dependable customer service, and manages its environmental performance.
Achieving ISO Certification means your business will now have a well-documented management system that has been implemented and executed. Having these policies and procedures in place now means that the majority of the responses to tendering questions will be easily accessible.

There are proper procedures to follow when it comes to recording and maintaining records when you have ISO certification in place. This implies that you can rapidly and effectively put together excellent case studies to showcase and demonstrate your expertise.

At Blackmores, we can offer your company the support it needs to obtain ISO Certification, thereby considerably increasing your chances of being awarded a tender. We have developed an isology roadmap that is divided into seven critical stages developed with more than 16 years of expertise and experience in this field. The application of this approach has resulted in 100% our clients successfully completing certification.

What our clients have to say

The support and advise I get from our assigned auditors is immense. Forward planning for the following year is great and they are flexible and always willing to help.

Kalil Vandi

“Blackmores have assisted us almost since the start of our adoption of the ISO 9001 quality standard. Their input has improved our processes since the start, and enabled our goal of continuous improvement to be achieved. The people are also extremely easy to get on with, and they really understand our business, giving us a great deal of confidence in their advice.”

David Gibson

Photon Lines Ltd

“Blackmores are the perfect bridge between working on your ISO as an individual or company, to being audited each year.  We find that any queries we have are covered and we feel sure that we have everything as needs be before going into an external audit.”

Mandy Welsby

Jaama Ltd

“We have been extremely impressed with the service and support provided by Blackmores.  There knowledge and assistance through out our ISO journey has been amazing!”

Philip Hannabuss

Dome Consulting

“Blackmores have really kept us on our toes with the broad scope and level of detail they apply to our internal audit schedule. They always stay abreast of ISO standard changes and help us to adapt our processes and documents to embrace these changes accordingly. Having Blackmores shadow our external audits provides invaluable confidence and peace of mind – would highly recommend their services!”

Phil Geens

Kingsley Napley

“Our ISO 27001 certification project has gone so well, that there was no doubt in who we were going to ask to help us with our aspirations of becoming ISO 14001 certified. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Blackmores, and we are really looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”