ISO 14064 Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Standard

More and more customers are interested in the green credentials of businesses and use this to make informed buying decisions. High amongst the factors that influence these purchasing decisions are the impact of the products and services provided. Having a low carbon strategy clearly demonstrates commitment to reducing environmental impact as well as having a knock-on effect in reducing business costs.

Key to developing a low carbon strategy is being able to evaluate the Carbon Footprint of your organisation. Carbon Footprint is a calculation that shows the equivalent carbon generation (in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) of all the activities an organisation undertakes.

What is ISO 14064?

ISO 14064 specifies the principles and requirements for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. It includes requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization’s GHG inventory.

Why calculate your Carbon Footprint?

There are many reasons why an organisation would need to calculate its carbon footprint. Among these are:

  • Commercial Influence
  • Ethical Reasons
  • Financial Gain
  • Legislation Compliance
  • Management
  • Benchmarking

Many organisations are finding it beneficial to calculate the carbon footprint for off-setting purposes demonstrating their commitment to the environment. In addition carbon footprint can point to areas of potential cost saving where energy consumption may be reduced.

Who is it relevant to?

Carbon Footprint is relevant to any organisation of any size especially those where energy consumption is greatest. It is particularly relevant to those organisations who wish to make a statement regarding their environmental principles and may potentially wish to offset their carbon footprint.

What are the benefits?

Benefits accruing through low carbon strategies include:

  • Reduced costs through energy efficiency
  • Better brand positioning and public relations
  • Satisfied employees who are increasingly concerned with environmental issues
  • Improved Corporate social responsibility
  • Lower Carbon Values for your goods and services

How we can help:

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  • Internal Audits – We can help you to plan and conduct Internal Audits to verify your compliance with ISO 14064.
  • On-Site supportWe can provide support during External Audits carried out by Certification Bodies.

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