Carbonology: Carbon Neutrality & Verification

What is Carbonology?

Carbonology is our unique methodology combining :

What makes Carbonology unique?

Rather than paying lip service to the climate emergency, Carbonology provides a proven methodology for sustainable success, underpinned by leading global Carbon Standards.

Carbonology combines a wealth of experience in helping businesses, together with our innovative thought-leadership in assisting businesses to be Carbon Neutral and achieve ISO Standards successfully.

How can we Help?

Carbonology 7 step methodology

We can assist you through the following 7 steps of our methodology:

Define –  Establishing your scope and leadership commitment

Quantify – Calculate and quantify your current Carbon Footprint

Commit –  Develop your Carbon Management Plan and include  recommendations for emission reductions

Reduce – Implement carbon reductions

Re-quantify – Re-quantify the carbon following the reductions made

Offset – Select an offsetting scheme

Declare –  Issue a declaration statement or verification through a 3rd party.

We can also assist with the creation of a Carbon Reduction Plan for those not interested in the full Carbonology route.

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