What benefits can I get from a BS/ISO certificate?

There are many tangible benefits that can be derived from attaining BS/ISO certification. These include:

Improved efficiency
– Analysing your business and processes can identify and strip out unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. By setting future objectives and targets, BS/ISO
certification drives continual improvement within your organisation.

Reduced waste
–Improving your processes will help to identify and eliminate physical waste and re-work wherever possible.

Competitive advantage
– Improving the potential for new business over un-certified competitors. Many organisations now look for BS/ISO certification when putting contracts out
to tender, or when compiling preferred supplier frameworks.

Reduced insurance premiums
– The insurance industry is built around the principle of transferring risk to insurance companies. By demonstrating an organisation has de-risked their
business by implementing and being certified to BS/ISO standards they are enabled to negotiate reductions in their employer liability insurance premiums
and professional indemnity insurance.

Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction
– The ability to consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations is what every organisation aspires to and BS/ISO provides the framework for this.
Remember, your staff could be considered ‘internal’ customers – their loyalty is just as important!

Perhaps more important is the ability to recognise when something could or has gone wrong, and be able to do something about it before it impacts the
service you deliver. All BS/ISO standards provide this mechanism which is key to retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Reduced potential for prosecution and fines
– Legislation, red tape and contractual obligations all have the potential for substantial financial penalties. If realised, these monetary penalties can
make the difference between being able to run a business – or not. It’s also very difficult to quantify the cost to a damaged reputation with stakeholders
and customers.

Informed decision making

– An important element to any management system is monitoring and measuring performance. What you monitor and measure is decided by you when you set your
objectives and targets. The results you collate provide data that will enable you to make informed decisions for future improvements.

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