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The ISO Show: Episode 40 – Chaos to calm – Adjusting to remote working


This episode’s guest has experienced at first-hand what it’s like going from Chaos to Calm amidst the impact of the Coronovirus Pandemic, and how she has slipped into seamlessly delivering her work remotely, which typically would have been done face to face.

Lorna is founder and Director of Leonard Business Services, and is almost at the end of completing an ISO 9001 implementation project, so I thought it would be good for Lorna to share her experience of working remotely amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and her experience of being audited to ISO 9001 remotely.

Top tips for remote working during a Pandemic

  1. Keep calm and carry on
  2. Keeps spirits and morale high with group online sessions – just 10 minutes is fine to share a hobby or fun group activity, or half an hour on Friday at the end of the day to share ‘end of the week’ drinks (virtually)
  3. Keep connected – 15 minutes ‘start the day’ get-together.
  4. Plan your agendas to work remotely to maximise your time.
  5. Use the time for reflection on how you can operate more efficiently
  6. Review resources and optimise on investments made (people/products/process)
  7. Consider ways to operate more sustainably after ‘Lockdown’ i.e. remote working to avoid travel/CO2 emissions.

To quote Lorna ‘Keep calm and Carry on’ as we continue to adapt to the situation.

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If you would like to learn more about IS0 9001, we have an ISO 9001 Steps to Success series available to listen to HERE.

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