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The ISO Show: Episode 34 – How to build assurance into IT services


How to build assurance into IT services

Not satisfied with just achieving certification to ISO 9001, this IT Services company is certified to

  • Quality – ISO 9001
  • Information Security – ISO 27001
  • Service Management – ISO 20000
  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001
  • Secure shredding standards

As a Quality Manager with responsibility for looking after the Management System, Damian highlights in the ISO Show Podcast this week:-

  • Benefits ISO 9001 – Some people struggle with the term ;Quality’ and prefer ‘Customer’ requirements
  • How standards are used to run an IT business
  • How to focus on what is important and not using standards as a ‘tick-box’ exercise
  • How ISO Standards can be used as a great communication tool – making everything transparent and not hidden form employees.
  • Approaches to Leadership commitment at XFM – How the ‘Big conversation’ provides areas for employees to focus on (objectives) and provide an update on changes.
  • As an employer of 500 people, how an IT firm reduces its environmental impact through an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).
  • How the Service Management Team have embraced high standards by introducing ISO 20000 and how this compares with the other ISO’s
  • Two top tips for overcoming challenges – Focus on communication and Top Management commitment.

To find out more about XMA, visit their Website.

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