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The ISO Show: Episode 27 – Are UK businesses ready for the ESOS deadline?


With the ESOS deadline being just a few weeks away, I’m joined on today’s podcast by Andrew Geens, Head of certification at CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Engineers) to discuss CIBSE and his views on the routes to compliance and the UK’s readiness for the deadline in December 2019.

CIBSE represents the interests of the Building Services industry with a substantial membership base across 98 countries. The Building services industry is very diverse, the services delivered by Mechanical and Electrical engineers range from providing hot water in our buildings to installing and maintain lighting and air-conditioning. CIBSE provide useful guides and Technical Memorandums on all of these aspects including managing energy performance in buildings.

CIBSE operate the largest register of energy professionals in the UK, including ESOS Assessors, Low Carbon energy Assessors and Energy Consultants. 

Andrew gives an update on ESOS compliance in 2019 and the status of the CIBSE approved energy professionals. 

For those eligible companies that have still not submitted their energy report to ESOS, Andrew explains the options available to comply. Options range from energy reporting through to certification to an Energy Management system, ISO 50001. Interestingly, we discuss on the Podcast the tangible financial benefits of companies that have gone down the ISO 50001 route.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you before the ESOS deadline.

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