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The ISO Show: Episode 22 – Why integrate ISO Standards?


Many organisations began with a quality manual in the 90’s or noughties and have since added complimentary standards i.e. ISO 14001 as their clients were looking to ‘green’ their supply chain, then they may have added on ISO 45001 for Health and Safety.  Typically, these standards are ‘bolted’ on as separate manuals.  So what are the issues associated with having separate manuals for ISO Standards?

  1. Duplication – Why have the same procedure in triplicate?
  2. Adds extra cost – maintenance and certification body costs
  3. Lack of compliance – Confusion concerning which procedure to follow
  4. Lack of respect and morale internally – lack of engagement

So what is the solution?  Quite simply, integration.

We’ve been blessed with the common framework for ISO standards – which was known as Annex SL until this year (now known as Annex L).  This is the foundation that all ISO Management System standards are based on.  About time I hear you say!

What this means if that it is now a ‘no-brainer’ to integrate your ISO Standards into one ‘Business Management System’. In our podcast this week, I use the analogy of having three houses – all with a roof, bricks and mortar, windows and doors and fixtures and fittings.

Now imagine you’ve now got three mortgages (certification body costs).  Three font doors and three back doors – Which door do you use? Which bed do you sleep in?  Then you’ve got triple the amount of heating, electric and cleaning bills.

Now imagine if you scrapped that, made life easier and just had one amazing mansion. The podcast explains in a very simple way, how to achieve this.

We can provide support if you need some help with integration as part of an ISO Support Plan, just call or email us and we’d be happy to discuss your options for integration.

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