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The ISO Show: Episode 19 – How to choose a Certification Body


Certification is the last step on your journey to gaining an ISO. Join Mel as she discusses the certification options available and what you need to consider when using a third party Certification Body.

On this week’s episode Mel covers the following:-

  • Why choose certification?
  • Why not self-certify?
  • Make sure they’re UKAS accredited
  • Expertise in your sector – SIC codes are issues to assign an assessor to an industry
  • Geographical location – Are they local or being flown in from another country due to UK resource issues?
  • Availability to fit in with your timescales
  • Responsiveness and flexibility – You can ask to change dates if needed
  • Make use of other value added i.e. Webinars, e-learning and events
  • Access to support
  • Flexibility in terms of additional standards (multiple badge assessors)
  • Willingness to with you – is the price / number of days negotiable?
  • Do they use sub-contractors or their own employees?

Blackmores offers a Free of Charge request for quote service. We send this out to 3 certification body’s and you simply pick which one best fits you. If would like to make use of this service, feel free to contact us.

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