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isology® is a world-leading proven step by step roadmap to achieve ISO certification.

Implemented for over 600 organisations with a 100% success rate, we take you from the planning and creation of your bespoke ISO System though to certification with our 7 step process.

What is an ISO consultant? And why should you be working with one?

An ISO consultant or ISO consultancy service is an individual or organisation that works alongside businesses to help them achieve their ISO certifications.

At Blackmores, we offer ISO consultancy. We have been working in this industry for decades and have built a wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting businesses in achieving their ISO certifications efficiently.

If you are investigating ISO standards for your business and would like some advice and assistance, please contact us.

What Does an ISO Consultant Do? 

When you work with an ISO consultant, they can help you in many ways. At Blackmores, we follow these steps;

Conduct an ISO Gap Analysis Audit – the first thing we do when working with a new client is to conduct an ISO gap analysis audit. This will highlight to us and our client which areas are functioning well and where changes need to be made in order to pass the certification. Because we work with many clients in different industries and areas, we can conduct these audits quickly and efficiently, so we can start recommending changes as soon as possible.

Create an ISO System—Based on our analysis findings and industry knowledge, we create a bespoke ISO management system for your business that incorporates your company’s current systems and way of working.

Provide e-Learning Materials—When you work with Blackmores, you can access our ISO hub, an online platform full of training materials and resources. Here, you can master the basics of ISO, learn specific techniques for the certification you are working towards, and create your own management system to comply with regulations. You can work through the training at your own pace, making it a flexible option for busy business people.

Appoint an isologist – You may choose to stick with the isologyhub, or you might want to invest in an ISO consultant, or as we call them, an isologist. Our isologists are experts in their field and will guide your business through every step of your certification from start to finish. They can still be available after you have achieved your certification for advice and support where required.

Plan and Conduct Internal Audits – we will plan and conduct internal audits throughout the process to ensure you are on the track to success. We won’t put you forward for your certification until we are satisfied that the standards will be met.

Provide On-Site Support—We will be on-site when you need us. When an isologist has an appointment, they will communicate with you in detail and be there when you need them.

Request a quote for Certification on Your Behalf—When we know you are ready and you are happy with your progress, we will request a quote for certification on your behalf because we work in the industry regularly and know the best way to achieve accreditation quickly and at a reasonable price.

Blackmores ISO Consultants 

At Blackmores, our ISO consultants are very experienced in working alongside organisations in various industries to help them achieve their certifications. Our success rate is unmatched, which is why many of our clients return to us when embarking on another ISO journey.

We know the hardships that come with working in professional sectors. Sometimes, a long-standing client may suddenly demand an ISO certification from their partners, or you may want to open doors to new markets for your business. Whatever your reason for exploring ISO certifications, our ISO consultants are here to help—it’s what we do!

ISO Standards Explained 

An ISO standard is a globally recognised certification that indicates that your organisation is operating to the highest recognised standard.

You may be aware that there are multiple ISO standards. Depending on your work sector, you may be more interested in some than others.

The most popular ISO standards are;

ISO 9001 – Quality Management. The ISO 9001 certification is a global quality stamp for an organisation.

ISO 14001 – Environment Management. The ISO 14001 certification shows that your organisation meets environmental standards and reduces its carbon footprint.

ISO 27001 – Security Standard. The ISO 27001 covers security issues and shows that all risks are assessed and handled correctly to protect information and individuals.

ISO 22301 – Business Continuity. The ISO 22301 is all about business continuity and shows that you have a plan for the business.

Work With an ISO Consultant 

If you are considering ISO certifications for your organisations and want to work with an ISO consultant, contact the Blackmores team today.

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For ISO training online, why not become a member of our Isologyhub and gain access to training materials to help you achieve your certification?

Our Isologyhub can help take your business to the next level with a vast array of ISO training materials you and your team can access at your convenience. For more information, visit our Isologyhub page or contact us today.

Our Isologyhub

Our Isologyhub is the perfect way to complete ISO training online. We have created a wealth of resources to help you to achieve various ISO standards.

At Blackmores, we are ISO Consultants who help organisations all over the UK to implement ISO Management Systems and gain certification. Our clients can benefit from our expertise in the field and our experience working in different industries. Our hard work has led us to have a 100% client success rate – so what are you waiting for? Sign up to an isologyhub membership that suits you today.  

How Our Isologyhub Can Help Your Business 

At Blackmores, we have used our expertise to build the UK’s number-one training and resource platform to help you gain the certifications you need. When you become a member, you will have access to ISO training online, which will allow you to;

  • Learn the specific techniques required to gain your ISO certification.
  • Understand the basics of ISO and what an accreditation would mean for your business.  
  • Use our online resources to go at your own pace, no set class times or deadlines
  • Keep up-to-date with any changes or updates in the world of ISO.
  • Gain confidence in your ISO knowledge and expertise.  
  • Use your newfound knowledge to create your own bespoke ISO management system for your organisation so that you can gain your accreditation.  

Why Invest in ISO Training Online? 

As ISO consultants, we know how frustrating it can be to try and navigate gaining a certification on your own. Aside from the stringent procedures and processes required to pass the certification, the online resources can vary in quality and usefulness, making it difficult to know where to put your trust and efforts.

There are several reasons why you may be looking into ISO training online;

You Need Help Understanding Requirements for An ISO Certification – Our ISO training platform offers resources to help you understand each certification and the requirements for each. We break it down into understandable elements so you can see where you need to implement changes and new systems. We’re also on hand to help if you need further clarification.

Your Current ISO Management System is Out-Dated – if you’ve held an ISO certification for some time and are now finding that your systems are outdated, then ISO training online would be a good investment for you. You already know the basics; our resources will guide you through the updated elements and allow you to update your current systems with ease.

You Want to Increase Your Number of ISO Certifications – If your organisation already holds an ISO certification and you want to look into other standards, then online training would be a good direction. By gaining multiple ISO standards, you can increase your company profile and improve sustainability.

You’re Struggling to Keep on Top of Your Current ISO Certifications – There are many tasks that need to be kept on top of for you to keep your certifications. With standards being updated and best practices altering, there can be changes that you need to comply with. By becoming a member of your Isologyhub and investing in ISO training online, you can keep up to date and improve the overall management of your ISO system.

ISO Certification May be a Requirement from a Client – you may have a client, supplier or partner who is demanding that you gain a particular ISO accreditation for them to continue working with you. If your resources are stretched or you need to understand particular ISO standards, becoming a member of our Isologyhub is a great place to start.

What Certifications Does Our ISO Training Online Cover 

When you sign up to our Isologyhub, you will have access to training and resources which can help you with thousands of ISO standards. The standards that we focus on in the most detail are;

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environment
  • ISO 45001 Health and Safety 
  • ISO 27001 Information Security  

Join Our Isologyhub Today 

For ISO training online and access to resources, you need to gain an ISO certification for your business, then join our Isologyhub today.

Depending on where you are with your ISO journey, you may want to invest in an ISO consultant to support you. If you would like to discuss your ISO certification with us, please contact us.

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Allowing employees to use personal email accounts to conduct business means that your company’s business information is being stored on mail servers outside of your control, anywhere in the world.  You have no way of knowing all the places where your company data is stored, or where it’s been transmitted. This is a breach of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR; for which there are fines for companies and individuals of anything up to £18m.

It could be argued that there is a potential breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as the information that should have been held on a company laptop and in company servers has been found in an employee’s system.

A personal email account is open to searches that are not permitted by the business and not covered by your company’s security policies; because employees may have agreed to Gmail/Hotmail Terms and Conditions (which allow for email content searches), to allow targeted advertising. You may have a good data privacy policy in place, but personal email accounts can bypass it with one click of the “Send” button. Again, you will be in breach of the Data Protection Act 2018.

Understanding the risks and implications of using personal accounts for business is not always apparent until there are Freedom of Information requests, internal investigations, or eDiscovery.  In all these cases, those personal accounts may contain relevant information and as such have to be offered-up for search and retrieval. This is a breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Even the act of discovery is difficult – Personal emails are not discoverable in standard legal discovery procedures. Google for example prohibits external scanning of users’ emails (several cases are currently under way), meaning the company will have to instruct the user to scan his or her email themselves and runs a big risk of spoliation sanctions.  If the issue is regulatory, the company is likely to be found to be breaking the Law.

If there is a serious security incident that requires a legal investigation the police and courts can take measures to seize both business and private employee IT equipment, under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 if there is a chance that evidence has held on any equipment used in the course of business. The chances of getting equipment back is very slim as it is often bonded and retained as part of a criminal investigation.

Furthermore, the company can be facing a lawsuit under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 if it is deemed that evidence has been withheld because of the company not being able to access information no longer in their control on employee PCs or legal cases could fail as there would be serious doubt about the integrity of the evidence being presented and a Judge may consider the evidence to be inadmissible.

Any employee in a business sending personal/personnel information to their personal e-mail addresses automatically breaches the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, and is subject to the same enforcements under the ICO which might results in heavy fines.

In short, sending an e-mail to a personal account, or using a personal account for business use is a legal minefield that is not worth traversing either as a business or employee as the damage to reputation can never be repaired.

If you are concerned about your organisations’ data security then you may want to consider ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) or BS 10012 (Personal Information Management).

If you would like to learn more about ISO 27001, we do have a 2 part Podcast series discussing the journey to certification. Listen HERE.

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Is it okay to ever use a personal e-mail account address for business, or send business e-mails to my personal e-mail address?

The short answer is ‘No!’ This is because it opens your business up to security, legal and professional risks that may lose you customers and can damage your reputation.

All businesses have the capability to access their emails on all sorts of equipment, smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops (the latter two through the use of a secure VPN back to the business itself. So, there is no reason to resort to personal e-mail accounts for business use.

However, there are far greater risks to the business in terms of Security, Legal Compliance and Business Reputation that should be enough to deter employees from using such risky methods in the corporate environment.

What are the security risks of using a personal account for business?

Personal email accounts exist outside of the IT department’s control, therefore, they are not subject to backup, archiving, security or governance so using them for business purposes, is a clear violation of compliance regulations. Furthermore, as they are beyond the bounds of the IT department’s control there is no guarantee that e-mails are secure or will remain free of any viruses.

If e-mails held in personal accounts are not back-up there is a loss of auditable trails and opens the business and employees up to losing important information that the business must, by law retain as business evidence of good business practices – this opens the company up to suspicions of fraud.

Employees sending e-mails to their personal e-mail addresses can not guarantee the security of their e-mails, particularly if they use systems such as Hotmail and Gmail, which are notoriously vulnerable e-mail systems and have been hacked on many occasions. How would it look if you lost company information because of a data breach in an employee’s personal e-mail account? It would damage you reputation and may result in lawsuits.

Whilst you may have appropriate antivirus protection in place, can the same be said of employees on home computers? Typically, the answer is no, either because the antivirus has not been kept up to date or the type being used is not as effective as those used within the business. If an employee sends an e-mail to a client from their home system it could be infected by a virus (that you have not been able to control) and the reputation of the company is impacted.

And since personal emails are not stored on company servers, discovery for DPA/GDPR and Freedom of Information requests are seriously compromised presenting legal risks to your organization.

If you are concerned about your organisations’ data security then you may want to consider ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) or BS 10012 (Personal Information Management).

If you would like to learn more about ISO 27001, we do have a 2 part Podcast series discussing the journey to certification. Listen HERE.

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About Blackmores

Our 7 Steps to Success

The Blackmores ISO Roadmap is a proven path to go from idea to launching your ISO Management System.

Whether you choose to work with one of our isologist consultants or work your own way through the process on our isology Hub, we’re certain you’ll achieve certification in no time!

What our clients have to say

The support and advise I get from our assigned auditors is immense. Forward planning for the following year is great and they are flexible and always willing to help.

Kalil Vandi

“Blackmores have assisted us almost since the start of our adoption of the ISO 9001 quality standard. Their input has improved our processes since the start, and enabled our goal of continuous improvement to be achieved. The people are also extremely easy to get on with, and they really understand our business, giving us a great deal of confidence in their advice.”

David Gibson

Photon Lines Ltd

“Blackmores are the perfect bridge between working on your ISO as an individual or company, to being audited each year.  We find that any queries we have are covered and we feel sure that we have everything as needs be before going into an external audit.”

Mandy Welsby

Jaama Ltd

“We have been extremely impressed with the service and support provided by Blackmores.  There knowledge and assistance through out our ISO journey has been amazing!”

Philip Hannabuss

Dome Consulting

“Blackmores have really kept us on our toes with the broad scope and level of detail they apply to our internal audit schedule. They always stay abreast of ISO standard changes and help us to adapt our processes and documents to embrace these changes accordingly. Having Blackmores shadow our external audits provides invaluable confidence and peace of mind – would highly recommend their services!”

Phil Geens

Kingsley Napley

“Our ISO 27001 certification project has gone so well, that there was no doubt in who we were going to ask to help us with our aspirations of becoming ISO 14001 certified. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Blackmores, and we are really looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”


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