ISO 41001 Facilities Management

The place in which we work is often taken for granted. Yet it’s generally the second biggest overhead cost for businesses (after salaries).

Facilities Management is a complex business enabler, covering purchasing, operations and maintenance of building structure, heating, lighting and power so businesses can operate, through to the ‘softer’ aspects from ‘front of house’ to cleaning, catering and disposal of waste.

Although its been 15 years in the making ISO 41001, with the input from 27 countries, is now the quality benchmark for the facilities management industry. Applicable to in-house operations, and of course facilities management providers.

As an ISO 41001 specialist consultancy, we can provide an ISO 41001 Steps to Success implementation programme. This begins with understanding your current compliance levels on resource planning, risk, resilience, monitoring and leadership. Our ISO 41001 consultant will guide you every step of the way to ISO 41001 certification.

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