GDPR General Data Protection Regulations

There’s no getting away with it – the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are here to stay, and although the principles of Data Protection haven’t radically changed with the introduction of GDPR, there are some subtle changes that need to be considered by all organisations that deal with personal data.

The GDPR applies to ‘controllers’ and ‘processors’. The controller says how and why personal data is processed and the processor acts on the controller’s behalf.

If you are a processor, the GDPR places specific legal obligations on you; for example, you are required to maintain records of personal data and processing activities. You will have significantly more legal liability if you are responsible for a breach. These obligations for processors are a new requirement under the GDPR.

The GDPR applies to ‘personal data’. The definition is now more detailed and makes it clear that information such as an online identifier – e.g. an IP address or email address (commercial or non-commercial) can be personal data.

So how can Blackmores help you with GDPR?

We offer the following services:-

  • GDPR Gap Analysis
  • GDPR Awareness Training
  • GDPR Awareness E-learning
  • GDPR Compliance Workshop
  • Developing data protection policies and procedures consultancy
  • GDPR Software to support data analysis and implementation of controls
  • GDPR Compliance audit
  • Certification to BS 10012:2017 – Data Protection

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