BS ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships

Companies that work together can often achieve much more in collaboration than they can alone. Working in partnership with other organisations allows knowledge, skills and resources to be shared effectively and can help your organisation to win bids and tenders.

What is BS ISO 44001:2017?

BS ISO 44001:2017 (previously BS 11000) is a British Standard that has been created to provide a framework for creating and managing collaborative business relationships. The standard promotes the best way for businesses to work together, thus effectively developing and managing their interactions with each other for maximum benefit to all.

Who is it relevant to?

Organisations wanting to improve efficiency and partnership working; particularly those embarking on mutually beneficial commercial projects or those with the responsibility of managing supply chains associated with joint ventures and the delivery of projects.

What are the benefits?

BS ISO 44001 can help organisations to:-

  • Identify how relationship management can help achieve business objectives
  • Evaluate the benefits of entering into single or multiple partnerships
  • Select the right partner to complement the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Build better relationships that lead to quicker results
  • Share cost, risks, resources and responsibilities
  • Provide staff with wider training opportunities
  • Define roles and responsibilities to improve decision-making processes
  • Develop and execute an exit strategy satisfactory to both parties
  • Gain access to more services, more opportunities to win work and the resources to compete for bigger contracts.

How we can help:

Blackmores specialise in helping you to implement and maintain your ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships Management System across London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, and UK-wide. We can also assist with international locations, having experience of working in 27 other countries.

  • Conduct an ISO 44001 Gap Analysis – To help establish your strengths and weaknesses.
  • ISO 44001 E-learning – Learn at your own pace with our online courses, view our full library HERE.
  • ISO 44001 Consultant – We have a skilled team of consultants to help you implement a Collaborative Business Management System. From London to the UAE, we have experience working internationally across many sectors.
  • Internal Audits – We can help you to plan and conduct Internal Audits to verify your compliance with ISO 44001.
  • On-Site Support – We can provide support during External Audits carried out by Certification Bodies.
  • Request a quote for Certification – We can send a request for a quote to 3 UKAS certified Certification Bodies on your behalf. This is done free of charge on request.

Need help with ISO 44001 consultancy? We’d be happy to help, simply Contact Us

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  • BS ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships

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