ISO 22301 Certification

Obtaining an ISO 22301 certification for Business continuity provides a basis for planning to ensure your long-term survivability following a disruptive event. Your plans need to be clear, concise and tailored to the needs of the business. It is a comprehensive process to ensure the continuation and improvement of business in the face of whatever challenges your firm may face and needs to be considered not only by large businesses but smaller businesses too.

What is ISO 22301?

ISO 22301 identifies the fundamentals of business continuity management and provides a basis for understanding, developing and implementing business continuity management within your organisation.

BS ISO 22301:2012 specifies the requirements to:

  • Identify crucial risk factors already affecting your organisation.
  • Understand your organisation’s needs and obligations.
  • Establish implement and maintain your BCMS.
  • Measure your organisation’s overall capability to manage disruptive incidents.
  • Guarantee conformity with stated business continuity policy.

What are the benefits of ISO 22301?

  • Minimises disruptions and financial loss during even minor events.
  • Increased reliability and productivity for your company
  • Demonstrates to stakeholders the enhanced capability to handle disruption and protect brand reputation.
  • Identify the threats to your company’s key products, services and assets.
  • Plan and exercise controls to minimise the threats and aid in the prompt resumption of service
  • Protect market share, reputation and brand.
  • Competitive advantage and increased market share

Companies that don’t have good business continuity plans often fail to survive a business disruption. Good continuity planning can make a difference and in the long run, make companies more profitable.

We have a Podcast success story available HERE.

How we can help:

Blackmores specialise in helping you to implement and maintain your ISO 22301 certification across London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, and UK-wide. We can also assist with international locations, having experience of working in 27 other countries.

  • Conduct an ISO 22301 Gap Analysis – To help establish your strengths and weaknesses.
  • ISO 22301 E-learning – Learn at your own pace with our online courses, view our full library HERE.
  • ISO 22301 Consultant – We have a skilled team of consultants to help you implement a Business Continuity Management System. From London to the UAE, we have experience working internationally across many sectors.
  • Internal Audits – We can help you to plan and conduct Internal Audits to verify your compliance with ISO 22301.
  • On-Site Support – We can provide support during External Audits carried out by Certification Bodies.
  • Request a quote for Certification – We can send a request for a quote to 3 UKAS-certified Certification Bodies on your behalf. This is done free of charge on request.

Further Resources:

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