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If you share customer data, ensure that you comply with the data protection principles. There are 7 data protection principles that ensure confidentiality, integrity and security of data.

We don’t share the customer data we collect?

Regardless of if you share the customer data you collect, the GDPR still applies. There are several Data Protection principles that need to be upheld, to include ensuring confidentiality, integrity and security of data.

The principles are defined below:

Principle (a) Lawfully, fairly and transparently processed;
Principle (b) Obtained only for specific legitimate purposes;
Principle (c) Adequate, relevant, limited in line with data limitation principles;
Principle (d) Accurate and up to date, with every effort to erase or rectify without delay;
Principle (e) Stored in a form that permits identification no longer than necessary;
Principle (f) Ensure appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality of personal information using technological and organizational measures; and
General Accountability for the above

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