Life after BREXIT for organisations with ISO standards

Organisations who hold ISO standards across the UK will all be looking to determine what they do next after 29th March 2019. The good news for organisations who hold ISO certifications is that they may be better positioned to cope with the impact of BREXIT than those who do not.

Organisations who hold ISO certifications have been required to give thought to the issues affecting the organisation (the key one being BREXIT!) and those interested parties that they will need to engage with both during and after BREXIT. This will no doubt include the stability and security of their supply chain and the needs of customers. With the focus on risk-based standards, this will increase focus on the risks and opportunities that BREXIT may bring. This enables these organisations to take the necessary actions to mitigate risks and establish objectives and actions to exploit opportunities.

Organisations with ISO standards will be thinking about their resources, the most important of these being human resources. A significant drop in EU workers in the UK will need to be plugged and those organisations the ISO standards will be investing in recruitment, training and upskilling of staff, supported by investment in the necessary infrastructure and facilities to ensure their products and services can continue to be delivered post BREXIT.

Organisations who hold ISO standards will be seeking improvement, backed by regular audits, supported by actions to address identified non-conformities and actions to address identified risks and opportunities, this will provide them with a leading edge and positions UK organisations at the front of the queue when competing on a global stage.

Let’s not forget that ISO certifications are recognised globally, so organisations who hold accredited ISO certifications hold a badge of credibility which is recognised across the globe and breaks down language barriers.

If you haven’t already done this, then you really should consider how ISO standards can support your business to ensure that quality, risk and sustainability can be assured after BREXIT. Blackmores can support your business to implement ISO standards across a range of subject areas and drive continual improvement within your business.

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