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The ISO Show: Episode 48 – Riskex’s free ‘Fit 2 work’ COVID-19 Tool


Although it is good news that we are returning to work – Are you confident that you’ve fulifilled your duty of care as an employer?  As an employee are you confident that your company is managing your return to work safely?

Over the coming months its important that we know the health status of our workforce in realtime.  However, that is easier said than done, or is it?

One of our clients for many years, Riskex have been in the health and safety software space for many years, and are now offering free of charge their COVID-19 Health Assessment. 

ISO Show takeaways:-

  • How Riskex has grown from success to success
  • How ‘Fit 2 work’ only takes 5 minutes to set up for your company, ad only takes 30 seconds for an employee to complete.
  • How does ‘Fit 2 work’ keep you informed and manage your workforce safely.
  • Benefits of tracking your employees Health and safety in relation to COVID-19
  • How can businesses me more resilient and achieve compliance
  • Potential COVID-19 mitigation cases against employees and how to prevent legal claims.
  • How Assessnet fits with ISO Standards – a simple method for supporting compliance.
  • How to get FREE access to ‘Fit 2 work’

You can learn more about Riskex’s Fit 2 work tool HERE

To learn more about Riskex and their full range of services, visit their website.

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