ISO 50001 – What is an Energy Review?

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What is an Energy Review?

An energy review is a documented analysis of energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption based on data and other information, leading to the identification of areas of significant energy use (SEU) and opportunities for energy performance improvement.

The energy review will help to establish energy performance indicators (EnPI’s), energy baselines and objectives and targets for improvement.

The energy review should include:

  1. a) Analysis of energy use and consumption based on measurements and other data i.e.

⎯ Identify current energy sources;

⎯ Evaluate past and present energy use and consumption;

  1. b) Identification of the areas of significant energy use, i.e.

⎯ Identify the facilities, equipment, systems, processes and personnel working for, or on behalf of, the organization that significantly affect energy use and consumption;

⎯ Identify other relevant variables affecting significant energy uses;

⎯ Determine the current energy performance of facilities, equipment, systems and processes related to identified significant energy uses;

⎯ Estimate future energy use and consumption;

  1. c) Identify, prioritize and record opportunities for improving energy performance.

Opportunities can relate to potential sources of energy, the use of renewable energy, or other alternative energy sources, such as waste energy.

The energy review should be updated at defined intervals (you define what this is), as well as in response to major changes in any facilities, equipment, systems, or processes.

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