ISO 50001 is the new energy management standard to help organisations improve profitability, cut their CO2 emissions and meet climate change targets.

This new internationally recognised standard will help organisations of all sizes understand baseline energy usage and put in place action plans, targets and energy performance indicators for reducing consumption. BS ISO 50001 has been in development for a number of years with energy management experts, representing more than 60 countries from across the world, coming together to establish the framework.

It is anticipated that BS ISO 50001 will replace BS EN 16001, which is likely to be withdrawn from use in 2012, which given their similar approach should not present an issue for current users of the European standard.

Mike Low, Director of Standards at BSI said: “BS ISO 50001 is a significant new global standard that will bring tremendous business value to organizations across the world that are having to grapple with rising energy costs and greater governmental climate change legislation.”

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