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Introducing our podcast: The ISO Show


I’m really excited to be launching our new weekly Podcast – ‘The ISO Show’, which also features our recently updated website.  The ISO Show is the first of its kind to share ‘tips for success’, dispel some of the myths around ISO Standards, and help you to achieve certification.

Over the course of the year, we have a great line up of guests that I’ll be interviewing.  These are leading business people who have implemented ISO Standards and seen great success.  They will be sharing their experiences and tips to help you overcome any ISO related challenges and help you achieve your goals. 

There are millions of companies around the globe that are certified to ISO Standards, and the number is growing. As ISO Standards are for all businesses and sectors – from a micro business with 3 people to large multi-national blue-chip firms, we will be interviewing across a broad range of successful business

The ISO Show is for those people who haven’t got the first clue about what an ISO Standard is and are wondering what all the fuss is about, right through to highly experienced ISO Assessors and professionals who would like to gain an insight into new standards and views within the world of ISO Standards.

So why should I do this Podcast show?  Well, as the founder and Managing Director of Blackmores, the leading ISO Standards Consultancy firm in the UK I felt it was about time we heard from successful business on how they achieved their success through ISO Standards and, also for someone to have the balls to set the record straight about some of the myths around ISO Standards – even now when I visit businesses, and people talk about the original quality standard BS 5750 (many of which are still scarred by the experience I hasten to add) and expect the standards to be the same.  Well the ISO Show will help to set the record straight.

I’m also really lucky that I work with a FANTASTIC team of ISO Experts here at Blackmores, who will be sharing their experiences and knowledge on implementing management systems – we’ll have a number of ‘How to implement series’ on the most popular ISO Standards, which will take you through the implementation process, step-by-step, supporting you along the way.

However, to begin, the first few podcasts will be much broader as they apply to any business looking to be more successful, with the first one being – ‘How to win business with ISO Standards’.

Alongside the Podcasts, there will be free downloads such as checklists and guides available at to further help you.  Please feel free to share these with your colleagues and also subscribe to the Podcast to get the latest hints and tips for success.  I look forward to catching you on the first ISO Show!

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Written by Melanie Blackmore

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