How much does it cost?

One of the hardest questions to answer I’m afraid!

How much it costs depends on a number of factors – how long you take to develop your management system, how many standards you want to implement, how many
people are involved, whether you hire outside consultants or not, and how much your certification body charges.

At Blackmores we have extensive experience of working with different sized clients from a wide range of industries – therefore we have a good idea of how
long a project may take for you. We gather as much information at the outset to ensure that our quotations are realistic on the basis of time and
cost. We will also recommend that a Gap Analysis is conducted to ensure that we identify where you are already meeting the requirements. When implementing
multiple standards or introducing new Standards, we will always look to integrate these wherever possible in order to reduce effort and expense.

ISO Download

Download the ISO Standards Blueprint

A step-by-step checklist for getting ISO certified

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