Data Centre Energy Management – Implementing and Achieving Certification to ISO 50001

The ever increasing demand for storage, networking and computing power continues to drive data centres forward and expand the industry globally. With this expansion and the increased volume of equipment and building costs, the associated cooling increases too – HVAC can account for up to 50% of the energy consumption within a data centre. With resources becoming scarce, and energy prices fluctuating daily, the importance of managing consumption is paramount to a data centres efficiency and profitability.

Effective energy management forms a crucial part of corporate sustainability strategies, and is key to driving down energy-related costs. The International Standard for Energy Management, ISO 50001, provides a robust framework for optimising energy efficiency across the data centre industry.

It specifies the requirements for an Energy Management System to enable an organisation to develop and implement a policy, identify significant areas of energy consumption and target energy reductions.

This webinar provides delegates with an understanding of:-

  • The demand for energy management systems
  • How this will affect businesses in the UK
  • What is ISO 50001?
    Why choose ISO 50001 and how it compares with ISO 14001
  • The commercial benefits v environmental benefits
  • How to implement ISO 50001
  • Benefits of certification to ISO 50001

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ISO Download

Download the ISO Standards Blueprint

A step-by-step checklist for getting ISO certified

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