BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship Management

This Webinar took place on the 17th of September 2014


Companies that work together can often achieve much more in collaboration than they can alone. Working in partnership with other organisations allows knowledge, skills and resources to be shared effectively and can help your organisation to win bids and tenders.

BS 11000 is a British Standard that provides a framework specification for creating and managing collaborative business relationships. It promotes the best way for businesses to collaborate and provides a framework for how they can work together most effectively, developing and managing their interactions with each other for maximum benefit to all.

In summary, BS 11000 can help organisations to:

  • Identify how relationship management can help achieve business objectives
  • Evaluate the benefits of entering into single or multiple partnerships
  • Select the right partner to complement the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Build a joint approach based on mutual advantage
  • Develop added value from the relationship
  • Measure and maintain maximum benefits
  • Develop and execute an exit strategy satisfactory to both parties
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