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#89 How to Identify your Ideal client


This episode, we’re joined by Transformational Marketing Strategist, Podcaster, and Speaker Jürgen Strauss to talk about ISO 9001, and how businesses can identify their ideal client.

All businesses need customers and they need to understand who their ideal client would be, as only then can you clearly identify what your ideal clients needs are.

Jürgen explains how to identify your ideal client, how using an empathy map can assist with this, and how this all influences your marketing strategy.

You’ll learn

  • Why every business needs to have a model of their ideal client.
  • How to understand who the ideal customer for your business is.
  • Why mapping out your customer journey is so important.
  • Ways you can build a relationship with your clients through an empathy map.
  • When it’s right to turn business away and how to reject customers.
  • Why customer journeys are important from a marketing perspective.
  • Why it’s important to document every process and system in your business.


In this episode, we talk about:

[02:37] How Jürgen Strauss was involved in ISO 9001 implementation and how it helped him improve his business efficiency.

[04:20] How Jürgen developed his podcast based on the principles of ISO 9001.

[06:15] The global audience you can reach through podcasting.

[07:27] What makes a ‘dream customer’ and how Jürgen reaches them through his podcast.

[09:00] Why it’s important to have an ideal client for your business.

[12:23] How to identify who your ideal client is and what they’re needs are.

[14:23] What an Empathy map is and how the tool can help you locate your dream client.

[18:42] How an Empathy map helps you truly understand your customers.

[22:36] How to reject a client that you don’t want to work with.

[24:13] Why it’s important to identify what the customer journey is and how it relates to marketing.

[28:35] The circular nature of the customer journey.

[30:22] The importance of creating processes and systems, and common resistance points people have with creating an ideal client profile.

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