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#80 Introducing Green Element with guest Will Richardson


Today we’re joined by Will Richardson, Founder and Managing Director of Green Element, to discuss how he helps other organizations become more environmentally friendly.

Will established Green Element in 2004 with a desire to help as many businesses as possible to go green.

A pioneer and early adopter of many now-mandatory environmental standards, his visionary approach, and inspiring leadership are exemplary.

Will also runs a podcast that is constantly featured in the top of the eco podcasts, and is a current board member and Chairman of the British Kitesports Association; the NGB to Kitesports; helping push kite sports within the Olympic sporting ecosystem.

In 2018, Will conceived Compare Your Footprint in response to demand from companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint but were not ready to engage with experts.

This episode, he shares how companies can most effectively tackle their energy and carbon management, and the science behind carbon reductions…

You’ll learn

  • How Will helps organizations find the carbon footprint of their products.
  • The importance of knowing the life cycle of your products.
  • How to find out how much of an effect on the environment your product has.
  • How long it takes to find out the life cycle of a product.
  • How ‘Compare your Footprint’ helps organizations understand their carbon footprint and benchmark it.
  •  Different types of benchmarking you can do and how to do it.
  • The science we know around carbon reductions.
  • Why offsetting causes organizations to increase their emissions.


In this episode, we talk about:

[01:10] How Will got involved with sustainable energy and carbon management.

[02:14] Why Will started his own business and how it’s changed over the years.

[03:58] How Green Element helps organizations become more environmental.

[05:15] The difference between the life cycle analysis for products or services.

[06:24] How long it takes to work out a product’s life cycle.

[07:30] The two different ways there are to look at carbon footprinting.

[10:51] Different types of benchmarking you can do and how to do it.

[14:26] How to successfully carry out energy data reporting and why you shouldn’t rush it.

[17:59] The problems with net carbon zero and carbon neutral targets, and the benefits of Science Based Targets.

[22:36] The complex nature of effective environmental strategies.

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