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#79 Establishing the scope of your ISO Certification


Implementing an ISO can seem like a daunting task at first – There’s a lot to consider! Most importantly, are you implementing the Standard for the whole business – just one location? For just one Service?

In today’s podcast – I’m going to share with you ‘how to establish the scope of your ISO System’ as it’s the number one consideration when you start planning your ISO Project. This will also help to determine timescales, costs and resources needed for your ISO Project.

What is the ‘Scope’?…

The scope of the EMS will clarify the organisational and physical boundaries to which your activities applies, particularly if the company is part of a larger organisation. 

Your organisation has the freedom and flexibility to define these boundaries. Your company may choose to only include a specific activity, location, product, or service delivery. 

How to calculate the scope…

Most organisation’s, particularly if they are an SME (Small and medium enterprises with less than 250 employees) will include all aspects of their business activities within the scope of their EMS, and also their scope of certification to ISO 14001.

Larger organisations, or SME’s across multiple locations (including international) may want to carefully consider the scope of certification as there will be additional costs and time factors to take into consideration. 

Why defining the scope is so Important…

Once your scope has been defined within your EMS, that this is what is included in ‘black and white’ on your certificate. Therefore, if one of the reasons to achieve certification is to impress your stakeholders with your environmental credentials, then being fully inclusive and transparent with a wider scope covering all your company activities, services and locations will be far more credible then a restricted scope.

Consider what will have the biggest impact – where you can make the biggest difference.

Further Resources:

We have a super useful checklist on how to plan, create, launch and implement your ISO Project so that you can successfully achieve certification. Download your FREE ISO Standards blueprint here.

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In this episode I will cover:

[01.55] – What is the Scope?

[03.45] – How to establish your scope

[05.40] – Why defining the scope is so Important

[06.20] – Expanding the scope of your certification

[07.40] – Further considerations

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