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#76 Morgan Sindall Leading Information security in construction


Today, we’re joined by Morgan Sindall’s Head of Information Security and Compliance Neil Binnie, to discuss the Information Security Standard ISO 27001.

Morgan Sindall has been ahead of the curb when it comes to information security having been certified to ISO 27001 for almost 3 years, but with information breaches becoming more common it’s even more vital to get ISO 27001 certified to prove you have a robust information security framework.

Neil explains the importance of information security, the new cloud security standards that are coming out, and the benefits of using ISO 27001.

You’ll learn

  • The importance of information security in the construction industry.
  • The benefits of using ISO 27001 as your information security framework.
  • How to implement ISO 27001 within your business.
  • The recent shift in mindset around data usage.
  • How hackers are using supply chains to attack businesses.
  • The new standards that are coming out to tackle cloud security.


In this episode, we talk about:

[02:27] Why information security is so important in the construction industry.

[03:34] The benefits of having the ISO 27001 framework in place.

[05:28] Why supply chain security is so important.

[06:20] How a construction company can help to secure their supply chain.

[08:34] Neil’s experience implementing ISO 27001 in Morgan Sindall.

[12:43] The cloud security standards that are coming out.

[14:52] The benefits of having ISO 27001 in place prior to the Covid lockdowns.

[17:21] The incorrect assumptions people have about ISO 27001.

[18:37] The importance of having a collaborative approach when implementing ISO 27001.

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