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#75 Data Security risks for homeworkers


Today we’re joined by Senior Information Security Consultant, Steve Mason to discuss how working from home has affected our online security.

Remote working has become the norm during the pandemic and it’s proven that it can be an effective way for people to have a good work-life balance.

But with working from home comes many security risks, we need secure Wi-Fi connections, virus-free laptops, and to be working in environments where we can’t be listened in to.

Steve is an information security expert and as data security risks for homeworkers have shot up, he’s here to explain what we can do to negate this risk.

We talk about the general security risks of working remotely, and the importance of businesses taking this seriously and creating effective processes to mitigate that risk across their business…

You’ll learn

  • How our approach to technology is changing.
  • The increased security risks involved with working from home.
  • The necessity of training your staff in home security.
  • How to access our policy around virtual meeting room security.
  • How to improve your home security and safety.
  • How to reduce the chances of getting a virus or trojan.


In this episode, we talk about:

[02:30] The added difficulties involved with improving remote client’s security.

[04:06] The benefits of using company devices and the security risks of using your own device and working from home.

[05:47] How to know you’re using a good VPN and adequate virus protection.

[06:36] Using a working from home policy and the benefits that can have.

[09:30] How to monitor employee’s software usage if they are working remotely.

[10:50] Issues some remote workers have with backing up their documents securely.

[12:17] The ways working from home affects your home insurance.

[14:09] The importance of fixing all security weaknesses you become aware of.

[16:56] The necessity of proper security training being given to staff working from home.

[18:38] Security in virtual meeting rooms and the policy we created around that.

[21:10] The main risks involved with working in public places like a coffee shop.

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