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#61 Totally PLC’s experience with ISO 27001 with guest Falu Bharmal


Today, we’re joined by the Director of Corporate Assurance at Totally PLC, Falu Bharmal.

Falu plays a key role in working with NHS England and has in-depth knowledge and understanding of ISO implementation, Legal Policy relating to corporate governance, health and safety, and integrated Risk Management. He has extensive experience in establishing new corporate governance structures, systems, and processes to ensure organizations are fit for purpose.

Today, Falu is here to discuss ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), and why it’s so important to have consistent practices throughout a company.

Falu explains how he’s able to implement new ISO’s so effectively and some of the biggest improvements ISO 27001 has allowed him to make.

We talk about how best you can prepare before implementing a new standard, and how ISO’s can help systemise your way of working across a company.

Visit the Totally PLC website to learn more about their services.

You’ll learn

  • The benefits of working as a group with consistent practices throughout a company.
  • How to effectively prepare for and implement new standards.
  • How ISO 27001 is used as a best practice mechanism.
  • How implementing standards can help to systemise the ways of working across a company.
  • How many people you need to be involved with the implementation of new standards.


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:29] The services Totally PLC supplies and how they support the NHS and reduce A&E waiting times.

[03:30] The different divisions that makeup Totally PLC.

[05:36] The ways Falu as Director of Corporate Assurance is involved with ISO implementations.

[06:34] How Falu implements ISO standards effectively.

[07:21] How ISO 27001 is used as a best practice mechanism for Totally PLC.

[08:20] Some of the biggest improvements Falu’s made through using ISO 27001.

[09:25] How ISO standards help to systemise ways of working across a company.

[10:14] The different roles Totally PLC has dedicated to ISO implementation.

[12:18] The best things you can do before implementing a new standard.

[13:46] The extra pressures Totally PLC has faced due to the pandemic, and the new opportunities this has brought.

If you need assistance with implementing ISO 27001 – Contact us!

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