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#55 TriplePs and their success with ISO 27001 Information Security With guest Mark Frudd


This episode we are joined by Mark Frudd, Managing Director and Founder of Security and Software Development at company TriplePs.

Mark’s here to tell us about the information security Standard ISO 27001. It’s brought his business countless benefits, allowed them to expand, and win government contracts. But it hasn’t been all easy sailing, the ISO has brought up some unique challenges for Mark to overcome. He explains what these are, how he tackled them, and what he wishes he knew before embarking on this journey…

Mark Frudd is the Managing Director and Founder of Security expert at software development company TriplePs. His work history revolves around the cybersecurity industry and delivering high profile public sector projects.

With a personal motto that IT and security doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective, Mark now focuses on providing affordable security, and software solutions, that meet the needs of both his clients and their end-users.

This episode, Mark is here to talk  about his experience implementing and managing the information security standard ISO 27001. After putting the ISO into place his company quickly expanded in size and Mark soon realized that the standard wasn’t being effectively implemented across his business.

He explains  why this was, what he did to rectify it, and how he could have avoided that happening in the first place.

In his own words ‘An ISO isn’t just for Christmas, it’s there every single day. You don’t just manage it, you adopt it.’

Mark explains  how having ISO 27001 helped expand his business and why it’s so important when trying to gain government contracts.

Finally, he explains how following this standard has shaped TriplePs business strategy and the different benefits that it has brought to his business…




You’ll learn

  • How Mark ended up implementing ISO 27001.
  • Why ISO 27001 is important for maintaining a high information and security standard.
  • The challenges involved in implementing ISO 27001.
  • The benefits of following ISO 27001 and how it can help with expansion.
  • How Mark manages ISO 27001 across his business.
  • The importance ISO 27001 has when gaining government contracts.
  • Why Mark decided to bring in a specialist to help implement the standard properly.


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:33] Who Mark Frudd is and how he ended up implementing ISO 27001.

[01:04] Who TriplePs are.

[01:51] Mark’s history working in Butlins, and what he learnt there.

[02:51] The type of security work TriplePs does.

[05:35] Why TriplePs decided to work with Blackmores when implementing the ISO 27001 procedure.

[07:22] What Mark’s role in TriplePs is and what his daily work life looks like.

[09:00] What the process for implementing ISO 27001 looked like.

[11:16] The importance of maintaining the right ISO standards when your company goes through rapid growth.

[13:18] The importance of adopting ISO’s into the heart of your businesses culture.

[15:52] How ISO 27001 has shaped TriplePs business strategy.

[18:57] The best way to implement a new ISO standard.

[20:51] The benefits involved with following the ISO 27001 standard.

[23:34] Mark’s favorite book.

[24:36] How ISO’s are a constant and not ‘Just for Christmas’.

[25:27] How to find out more about TriplePs.

If you need assistance with implementing ISO 27001 – Contact us!

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