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#53 Yousif Rajah of dotdigital shares experience and benefits of becoming ISO 27001 certified


Yousif Rajah is the Head of Info Sec at dotdigital, a UK-based tech company that builds software service solutions to help customers engage with their clients. He coordinated most of the work involved with creating the ISO 27001 system, and recently has contributed to DotDigital becoming ISO 27001 certified.

« It sounds dauting and it feels daunting, but if you have a program in place already, chances are you’re quite a long way down the road already. » – Yousif Rajah

Picture this: Your digital marketing company is expanding, and you know you need to comply with data protection requirements, protect your reputation and demonstrate to customers that you have taken the steps to protect your business and their personal information. You’ve heard of the importance of becoming ISO 27001 certified but are unsure where to start. Join us today as our guest, Yousif Rajah, explains his company’s journey in becoming ISO 27001 certified, the changes he has noticed since implementing this ISO standard, and how you can get started on becoming certified today.


You’ll learn

  • What dotdigital is, what it provides, and what Yousif’s role is
  • The company’s main driver behind implementing ISO 27001
  • How long it to become ISO 27001 certified
  • The scope of the ISO 27001 certification
  • Gap analysis after becoming ISO 27001 certified, and reaching the standard
  • The benefits and risks associated with expanding globally, while maintaining the ISO 27001 standard
  • The benefits, in general, of implementing ISO 27001
  • Tips of implementing ISO 27001

In this episode, we talk about:

[01:13] What does dotdigital do?

[02:14] Something not many people know about Yousif

[03:34] Main driver behind implementing ISO 27001

[04:57] The journey of becoming certified and going through the assessment 

[05:52] What is the scope of the certification?

[7:56] What was the biggest gap in the gap analysis?

[9:16] Reaching the gaps and the difference it made within dotdigital

[11:04] The benefits of certification on a global scope

[12:35] What Yousif has learned since implementing ISO 27001

[13:28] Main benefits to dotdigital in achieving certification

[15:30] If you could give any tips to someone implementing ISO 27001, what would they be?

[16:11] If you could gift a book to somebody what would it be and why?

[16:49] Favorite quote to leave listeners with 

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