2016 BCI Horizon Scan reveals biggest threats to business

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The 2016 BCI Horizon Scan, written in collaboration between the Business Continuity Institute and BSI, has revealed some interesting results for perceived risks and threats to business.

Once again, perception of risks to business continuity for 2016 remain focused on information security and the performance and reliance on suppliers.

Top 10 Threats Identified:

  1. Cyber Attack
  2. Data Breach
  3. Unplanned IT & Telecom Outages
  4. Act of Terrorism
  5. Security Incident
  6. Interruption to utility supply chain
  7. Supply chain disruption
  8. Adverse Weather
  9. Availability of talents/key skills
  10. Health and Safety Incident

568 responding companies from 74 countries

This shows that cyber-attacks continue to dominate the threat landscape and organisations are getting increasingly concerned about its potential for damage given the increased sophistication of hostile elements.

The results also showed a third of the organisations do not use trend analysis results at all with access being a key barrier. This is a key weakness which impacts on building resilience across the whole organisation.

*Figures and content taken from http://www.thebci.org/index.php/download-the-bci-horizon-scan-report-2016

By implementing recognised and effective management system standards such as ISO22301 (Business Continuity) and ISO27001 (Information Security), organisations can mitigate and look at reducing the impact of the majority (if not all) of the top 10 defined risks and threats, and implement response plans to control disruption should a risk be realised.









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