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#142 Reinvigorate interest in your ISO Management System with the Engagement Amplifier Gameplan – Part 1


When a Management System is first implemented, there is often a spotlight being cast on it’s importance to the business and everyone’s roles in relation to it.

However, we often see this buzz quickly fall off, letting the Management System fade into the background. When this happens, it can stagnate and cease to be a driving force for continual Improvement within the business.

So what can you do to reinvigorate interest?

That’s where the Engagement Amplifier Gameplan comes in! This Gameplan was created by today’s guest, Sarah Ball, an isologist here at Blackmores and also one of the main driving forces behind our online membership – the isologyhub.

Today Sarah will explain exactly what the Engagement Amplifier Gameplan is, who it’s suitable for and give an overview of the first few steps. 

You’ll learn

  • What is the Engagement Amplifier?  
  • Who is the Engagement Amplifier for?
  • What are the first 3 steps in the Gameplan?
  • How long does it take to action this Gameplan?


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:25] The isologyhub is our online Membership our online membership site that includes a full ISO 14001 roadmap to help you create and launch your own bespoke environmental management system. Also included are a suite of templates and training on various ISO’s to help take you from zero to hero in ISO Standards.

[01:15] Sarah Ball created the Engagement Amplifier Gameplan in addition to many other resources on the hub. She is one of the key people behind the hub’s creation and currently drives it’s development.

[01:45] What is the Engagement Amplifier? The Engagement Amplifier Gameplan, like all the Gameplan in the isologyhub, is an action plan, something you can follow to transform an aspect of your management system. In this case, to increase engagement from across your business and key stakeholders with your management system.  

[02:05] What does the Engagement Amplifier aim to address? It is very common after a period of time for management systems to fade into the background a little. The risk when there is a lack of engagement is that the management system begins to stagnate and no longer drives the business forward. So, reinvigorating that engagement is really crucial and the Gameplan walks you through the steps to assess what your level of engagement is now, where you want it to be and how you can get there. 

[04:05] Who would this Gameplan be good for? – The Engagement Amplifier Gameplan is good for any company with a management system in place. And for any point in the maturity of your management system. Certainly, the first part of the Gameplan where you will determine what your engagement goal is, and what level of engagement you currently have.  

[05:55] Step 1: Assess – This gives an overview of what good engagement looks like, why it is important to measure and, importantly, how you can measure the engagement you have.

[05:40] Step 2: Myth Busting – This is important because a common cause of a lack of engagement is a lack of understanding about what the management system is and how people should engage with it. In this step we explain what some of the myths are and what the reality is, so that members can address these myths in their own business.

[07:15] Step 3: Leadership – This is really key as the approach of the Leadership Team to the management system is one of the biggest factors in the level of engagement with the management system. Leadership set the tone of the organisation’s culture and have a significant role in embedding your management system into daily operations and aligning it to your strategy and vision. In this step there are activities for the Leadership team to complete to define how the management system can support strategic goals. As well as practical tips on how the Leadership level can show their commitment and promote engagement with the management system.

[08:40] How long would it take for someone to action this Gameplan? – That can vary a lot depending on how much time you have available to dedicate to it and how many people you want to get involved. It’s certainly not intended to be done in a day or even a week. You will need time within each step to engage with others, get feedback and analyse information. Sarah would suggest at least a month, but potentially longer depending on other priorities.

[09:50] We’re offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on isologyhub memberships until the 31st October 2023! Contact us to book a demo

Stay tuned for next week’s episode where Sarah will be joining us again to cover steps 4 – 7 of the Engagement Amplifier Gameplan!

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