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#133 How to complete your ISO 27001:2022 transition


Anyone with a current ISO 27001:2013 certificate will be required to update and add certain elements in their existing Information Security Management System to ensure compliance to ISO 27001:2022 ahead of the October 2025 deadline.

Over the past few weeks, our mini-series has covered the fundamental changes to the Standard, along with tips on how to plan and Implement the required updates.

Join Mel this week as she explains the final few stages of an ISO 27001 transition, including the Internal Auditing and final preparation ahead of a Certification Body visit.

You’ll learn

  • What needs to be audited?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the Certification Body visit?
  • How can you get a free copy of ISO 27001:2022?


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:44] Catch up on the last two episodes before listening to this one: What you need to know to transition to ISO 27001:2022 / What changes need to be Implemented to transition to ISO 27001:2022

[01:00] The last stages are all about gathering evidence of compliance against new and updated clauses and controls

[01:28] Make sure you plan your transition visit well in advance – If you leave it too late you may incur additional fees for more days or possibly even for a full certification if you miss the deadline.

[02:15] This process for transition is fairly consistent among Certification Bodies. It typically includes a Readiness Review and a transition visit where they will review evidence of compliance against the new controls.

[02:45] You can get a free copy if you sign up to our Transition Programme by April 1st 2023)

[02:55] The last stage ahead of the transition visit is Internal Auditing. For those still planning their 2023 Internal Audits, you may wish to Implement the changes earlier in the year with a view to audit the changes in the later half of 2023. Ensure that you allow time to build evidence of compliance ahead of a transition visit. 

[03:45] If you need a bit of extra help, we include Internal Auditing within our transition programme – this will typically take 1 day.

[04:30] We can also support you during your transition visit – this could be on-line or on-site, which would depend on your Certification Bodies preference.

[05:20] Currently many Certification Bodies are suggesting a half day for the Readiness Review and another day for the transition. Some may choose to include this transition as a part of their annual Surveillance visit to help save on costs. If you have a Surveillance coming up, it’s worth getting in contact with them to see what they would recommend regarding your transition.  

[05:43] We advise that you also ask your Certification Body, when they will be UKAS accredited for ISO 27001:2022 – they may not be ready complete a transition visit until the later half of 2023.

[06:35] For our global listeners, your Certification Body will have an Accreditation Body that needs to verify their ability to conduct transition visits. For the UK this is UKAS, but it may differ for other countries.

[07:15] Don’t leave this until last minute! Based on previous experience with transitions, we’ve found companies that leave it until a few months before the deadline often can’t transition in time, and end up having to pay up for a full Stage 1 and 2 Assessment in order to keep their certification.

Grab a copy of our ISO 27001:2022 Guideline to the changes here:

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