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#120 What are the benefits of ISO 22716?


ISO 22716 sets out the framework for a quality management system for anyone involved in the manufacture of cosmetics and other healthcare related products. While this Standard’s focus is on the manufacture of cosmetics specifically, many of the requirements can apply to any manufacturing process, especially those that involve a risk of contamination.

As discussed in last weeks’ episode, having ISO 22716 is essential if you are manufacturing or distributing within the EU. Besides being a legal requirement for certain regions, what other benefits can ISO 22716 offer?

Today, Mel is joined by Derek Hall, a Senior Consultant here at Blackmores, to explain some of the key internal and external benefits of ISO 22716 and how it can work in tandem with other ISO Standards.

You’ll learn

  • The internal benefits of ISO 22716
  • The external benefits of ISO 22716
  • How can ISO 22716 work with other ISO Standards?


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:50] Adoption of standards such as ISO 22716 are often key requirements of Stakeholders

[01:15] One general benefit of implementing ISO 22716 is the ability to win new business by virtue of displaying compliance to EU regulations.

[01:40] What are the internal benefits? Firstly, it ensures you’re legally compliant  

[02:10] ISO 22716 put controls in place that can reduce risk and hazards with product manufacture, storage and distribution.  

[02:35] There can be tangible cost savings – Derek highlights a few clients who have taken a step back to correct and improve their internal processes, which in turn resulted in cost savings. Compliance can also help to avoid any fines

[03:29] It can help to avoid products being wrongfully distributed – which can be a very costly mistake, both in time, money and reputation.

[04:20] ISO 22716 can integrate seamlessly with other ISO Standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management). They are all based on a similar framework and are designed to work together  

[06:15] ISO Standards can act as a roadmap for managing a business – especially for micro businesses

[08:05] ISO Standards are all scalable and can apply to any size of business. So, if you were to acquire more sites, you can simply roll out your management system across the expanding business

[08:43] ISO 22716 is very clearly laid out and easy to follow

[09:30] What are the external benefits? It’s an internationally recognised Standard, and can be used for various marketing and tendering opportunities

[10:47] ISO 22716 is a mark of quality and displays a brands commitment to delivering quality products

[11:10] It promotes ethical behavior through your supply chain  

[11:50] It promotes regulatory credibility – Ensures your products meet regulatory requirements

[12:05] It gives assurance that your product ingredients also meet legal requirements

[12:40] Some ISO Standards can reduce insurance costs – This is something we’ll explore in future episodes!

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