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#109 What’s new with ISO 27002:2022?


Did you know there were 80 identified security incidents, resulting in 34,908,053 compromised records in June 2022 alone!

Standards such as ISO 27001 can help you put measures in place to reduce risk and help set up procedures for data recovery. However, not as many adopt the guidance document ISO 27002 which provides further best practice advice to strengthen your IT Security.

ISO 27002 has recently been updated with 11 new controls that tackle recent emerging technology not covered in ISO 27001:2013.

Today, Mel explains ISO 27002 (Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection – Information security controls), why it’s been updated and gives a high-level overview of the changes.

You’ll learn

  • The purpose of ISO 27002
  • How ISO 27002 works with ISO 27001
  • Why ISO 27002 has been updated in 2022
  • A basic overview of the changes to controls within ISO 27002:2022


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:30] A reminder to keep an eye out for future episodes on the upcoming updated version of ISO 27001:2022

[00:52] An introduction to the guidance document ISO 27002    

[02:02] Controls from the updated version of ISO 27002 can be implemented right now – not a requirement of ISO 27001 but recommended.   

[02:25] Why ISO 27002 has been updated – To bring it up-to-date with the latest technologies and simplification of controls

[03:15] What this means for your Information Security Management System

[03:50] We expect to see the new controls in ISO 27002 to be reflected in the updated version of ISO 27001 coming out later this year.

[4:27] Reminder: ISO 27002 is not a certifiable standard but it is best practice.

[05:00] ISO 27002 had its last major update in 2013 – think how much technology has changed since then!

[06:00] A summary of the changes to controls in ISO 27002

[07:25] New controls added to ISO 27002 highlight that the standard is more then just IT Security – A trait shared with ISO 27001  

[09:13] A summary of what categories the 11 new controls fall under   

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