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#108 How to align your Management System with the Sustainable Development Goals


The Sustainable Development Goals have been established by world leaders with the hope that we can work together towards a better world by 2030.

The last two episodes provide an overview of all 17 Goals and related ISO Standards that you could align with to meet these goals. But how do you put this into practice? How do you go about aligning your Management System to the SDG’s?

Today, Mel explains the role ISO Implementation plays in working towards a better future and shares 5 actions you can take to align your businesses Management System.

You’ll learn

  • How ISO Implementation can help you align with the SDG’s
  • Why it’s important to show support for the SDG’s  
  • 5 Practical actions you can take to align your Management System with the SDG’s


In this episode, we talk about:

[00:46] A reminder to watch the 2 previous episodes to learn about each of the 17 SDG’s

[00:52] The importance of ISO’s and how they can help work towards a better future, including alignment with the SDG’s   

[01:24] Find out what SDG’s align with certain ISO’s on the website  

[02:19] Recommended action: Look at what your currently certified to and what other ISO Standards of interest that you could adopt to enhance your Management System

[04:40] If you need assistance with aligning to the SDG’s or want to implement an ISO – Blackmores can help, and we have resources available on the isologyhub

[05:30] Action 1: Leadership Commitment – Have you made a declaration of commitment to the SDG’s? Where have you displayed this commitment?

[07:10] Action 2: Management Review – Include discussions around your SDG commitment within a Management review. Make sure any actions are noted in the meeting minutes.

[08:31] Action 3: Context of the Organization – Consider actions related to SDG’s in SWOT and PESTLE’s  

[10:10] Action 4: Objectives – Set out clear key performance indicators to achieve your commitment to select SDG’s. Can be short or long term.

[11:20] Action 5: Operational Controls – Put controls in place that actively work towards achieving objectives related to the SDG’s  

Just a reminder, we’re offering 6 months free access to the isologyhub for anyone who signs up to an ISO Support Plan!

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