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#104 5 Steps to revamp your Management System


Has your Management System been left to collect dust? Hidden away so that no one except a select few can access and update it ahead of Surveillance Audits.  

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to revamp your Management System to ensure it’s incorporated with your core vision and values and encourages engagement from employees on all levels.

Today, Mel takes you through 5 steps that will help to rejuvenate your Management System, including key content considerations, the design and alignment with your company culture.

You’ll learn

  • How to identify what’s essential for your Management System
  • How you can incorporate your Unique way of Working
  • How to take a collaborative approach to revamping your Management System
  • Key considerations for the look, feel and accessibility of your Management System
  • How to align your Management System with your company culture, strategy and goals


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In this episode, we talk about:

[00:57] What is essential from an ISO perspective

[01:22] How having too much in your Management System can lead to a lack of compliance

[02:20] Remember – If an ISO Standard states ‘shall’ – you must fulfill this requirement

[02:55] How to establish what’s essential to your business – including your way of working

[03:53] Different ways you can add value to your Management System    

[05:25] An example of how Blackmores have added value with our Client Success Journey

[07:15] Why collaboration is so important when revamping your Management system

[08:52] How a Quality Circle can assist with a collaborative approach

[10:15] How you can align your company culture, strategy, values and goals within the Management System

[11:32] Why it’s important to share the Management system and any related updates  

[12:38] Key considerations for the look, feel and accessibility of the Management System

[14:05] Examples of different ways you can display and share your Management System

[15:36] Consider how easy your Management System is to access and navigate 

[17:12] Consider different methods of communicating the Management System – i.e. Audio, video, visual, flowcharts ect  

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